An incredible choice
of sunglasses

Lunetterie Milot offers a wide range of sunglasses choices to make sure you can find what you are looking for. Several brands are available including Rayban, we invite you to come and discover them directly in store, our advisers will be present to help you.

Ray Ban
Since 1937, Ray Ban has been mixing designs and materials to create legendary styles.
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It is his attention to detail and the quality of his designs that have made the Gucci name famous around the world. From Jackie Kennedy to Grace Kelly, the most prominent personalities have acclaimed Gucci. Take a look back at the history of an extraordinary brand.
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Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss, recognized worldwide, offers sunglasses for men. In 1923, Hugo Ferdinand Boss founded a small company in Metzinger, south of Stuttgart, Germany.
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Kate Spade
Since launching in 1993 with six essential handbags, Kate Spade has always represented an optimistic femininity.
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A mad scientist named Jim Jannard began to question the limits of industry standards. “No one believed my ideas,” Jim said. "Nobody wanted to listen to me."
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Michael Kors
Renowned American designer, Michael Kors has been creating since the 1980s a timeless and accessible classic style.
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Charles Tiffany was the first jeweller to establish the diamond ring as a symbol of love. In 1886, he launched the Tiffany Frame, the most iconic engagement ring in the world.
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Created by Wilhem in 1956, Carrera glasses are the essential glasses on the market. The Carrera brand remains at the pinnacle of sports eyewear.
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Le succès de Polaroid commença avec l’invention du premier polariseur synthétique par le Dr Land, scientifique visionnaire, qui les destine à une mise sur le marché en 1929.
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